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- Steven Spielberg

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Indiana Jones and
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Mother Teresa,
In the Name of God's Poor
The Sleeping Dictionary
The Second Jungle Book
Beyond Rangoon
Paradise Road
Tarzan the Apeman
Farewell To The King
The Iron Triangle
Bloodsport 2 & 3
Crystal Book
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"There were no hassles in getting permission for shooting. We made a film without politics coming in our way. I'd have loved to make the film in India.
[In Sri Lanka] I could just focus on making the film -"

                                                           - Deepa Mehta, Director, "Water"

Chandran Rutnam has the approval of all the major completion bond companies in the world.

Asian Film Location Services possesses a thorough knowledge of the commercial filming permitting process, from the basic location permit to the very complex process of government approvals. AFLS are experts in working with the appropriate government agencies in order to get the necessary permit approvals you need for your project.

We can acquire the permits required for "Commercial Photography", which includes, but is not limited to, motion picture filming, videotaping, sound recording, and still photography.

AFLS permitting services for film production will manage all aspects of the permitting process, including location acquisitions for the use of the land or facilities and permissions for certain land areas that are deemed conservation, sensitive or sacred.

AFLS will work closely with industry and government contacts to secure the permits required for your project ASAP.

Contact Chandran Rutnam at Asian Film Location Services (Pvt) Ltd to discuss your film production's permit requirements.